An extension of God's love and grace to anyone in need of hope and healing.

What is Refresh?

Refresh Counseling Center is an extended ministry of College Avenue Baptist Church. Refresh is a counseling and guidance center that welcomes all regardless of church background or experience.

The purpose of Refresh is to offer grace and hope to all who are seeking to overcome difficulties and burdens of life.

Refresh wants you to know that you are not alone.  It is here to offer face to face services for all walks of life.  Call today at 208-245-3333, or click on the contact button and we will respond.

What Refresh Has to Offer:

> Individual Counseling

> Group Counseling

> Premarital Counseling

> Marital Counseling

> Family Counseling

> Grief Services

> Overcoming Addictions

> Guidance Counseling

> Spiritual Guidance

> And Much More

What to Expect From Refresh

1. The respect you deserve.

2. Confidentiality that will not be broken.

3. We will work to help you to resolve your problems.

4. Flexible hours that work for you.

5. Sliding scale charges based upon income.