Worship is a very important ministry in our church.  Our worship services are Christ focused and will give you an opportunity to praise Him for all that He has done for you.  You will also hear the word of God spoken and for you to respond to His word.



Prayer is necessary in voicing what is on your heart with God.  Every Wednesday night we gather together to voice our prayer as a church as we pray to God for spiritual protection, friends/family, encouragement, ministries, and our community and the world.

Bible Study


We gather every Sunday morning at 9:30 to study the word of God.  It is a time for discussion and application of what God gives to us through the Bible.  This time is set aside for all ages to learn the Bible.



Jesus has commissioned His church to reach out and to make disciples.  We believe that followers of Jesus Christ need to continually grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ.  College Avenue offers many opportunities throughout the year for members to have a deeper walk with Jesus.


Making Disciples also requires the church to reach out to the community and introduce them to the Savior (Jesus Christ).  The church must reach out to community and to be a part of global outreach as well.  This is done by everyday contact and organized activities such as Vacation Bible School. 

Music Academy


The St. Maries Music Academy is designed to teach all who want to know more about music.  The academy offers private lessons and general lessons as well.

Refresh Counseling Services


Our goal is to be an extension of God's love and grace to anyone in need of hope and healing.  This service is a major part of College Avenue reaching out to a community and meeting needs of the people of St. Maries.